NMR-Based Quantum Mechanical Analysis Builds Trust and Orthogonality in Structural Analysis: The Case of a Bisdesmosidic Triglycoside as Withania somnifera Aerial Parts Marker

The present study demonstrates the relationship between conventional and quantum mechanical (QM) NMR spectroscopic analyses, shown here to assist in building a convincingly orthogonal platform for the solution and documentation of demanding structures. Kaempferol-3-O-robinoside-7-O-glucoside, a bisdesmosidic flavonol triglycoside and botanical marker for the aerial parts of Withania somnifera, served as an exemplary case. As demonstrated, QM-based 1H iterative full spin analysis (HiFSA) advances the understanding of both individual nuclear resonance spin patterns and the entire 1H NMR spectrum of a molecule and establishes structurally determinant, numerical HiFSA profiles. The combination of HiFSA with regular 1D 1H NMR spectra allows for simplified yet specific identification tests via comparison of high-quality experimental with QM-calculated spectra. HiFSA accounts for all features encountered in 1H NMR spectra: nonlinear high-order effects, complex multiplets, and their usually overlapped signals. As HiFSA replicates spectrum patterns from field-independent parameters with high accuracy, this methodology can be ported to low-field NMR instruments (40–100 MHz). With its reliance on experimental NMR evidence, the QM approach builds up confidence in structural characterization and potentially reduces identity analyses to simple 1D 1H NMR experiments. This approach may lead to efficient implementation of conclusive identification tests in pharmacopeial and regulatory analyses: from simple organics to complex natural products.


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The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) and Mestrelab Research, S.L. (Mestrelab), are pleased to announce they have entered into a collaboration to deliver USP-ID, through Mestrelab’s Mnova platform. This one-click, automated software solution identifies, quantifies and labels a broad range of chemical components in both simple solutions and complex mixtures for analysis by qNMR.