Discussion on How to Further Improve Quantitative NMR Methods for 13C and 29Si

Date and Time: October 2023

Meeting Format: Virtual Meeting

Attendees: Zhengjian Qi, Jie Liu, Yang Liu

Discussion Points: Prof Qi’s laboratory has over 10 years of experience in identifying, analyzing, and quantifying carbon-silicon compounds and has developed reliable quantitative NMR methods. The main issue with the current method is the long data acquisition time, which exceeds 2-3 hours per run. The meeting focused on discussing ways to reduce data acquisition time, incluing

Proposed improvements include:

  • Utilizing zero filling techniques.
  • Optimizing Line Broadening (LB) and Gaussian Broadening (GB).
  • Using higher field NMR instruments.
  • Employing specially designed probes for higher sensitivity.

Decisions and Consensus: Considering budget constraints and short-term operational feasibility, the following suggestions were adopted: adoption of zero filling and optimization of LB and GB window functions.

Dr. Qi will be responsible for designing experiments and collecting data, as well as comparing the new method with the existing ones for equivalency assessment.

A follow-up discussion will be convened once data acquisition and analysis are complete.

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