Application of the Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Concept to a Quantitative 1H NMR Method for Total Dammarane-Type Saponins

Dammarane-type saponins (DTSs) exist in various medicinal plants, which are a class of active ingredients with effects on improving myocardial ischemia and immunomodulation. In this study, a quantitative 1H NMR method of total DTSs in herbal medicines was developed based on the analytical procedure lifecycle. In the first stage (analytical procedure design), the Ishikawa diagram and failure mode effects and criticality analysis were used to conduct risk identification and risk ranking. Plackett–Burman design and central composite design were used to screen and optimize critical analytical procedure parameter. Then, the method operable design region was obtained through modeling. In the second stage (analytical procedure performance qualification), the performance of methodological indexes was investigated based on analytical quality by design. As examples of continued procedure performance verification, the method was successfully applied to determine the total DTSs in herbal pharmaceutical preparations and botanical extracts. As a general analytical method to quantify total DTSs in medicinal plants or pharmaceutical preparations, the developed method provides a new quality control strategy for various products containing dammarane-type saponin.

Keywords: analytical procedure lifecycle, AQbD, 1H NMR, quantitative NMR, dammarane-type saponins